Where It Begins

I’m going to be a millionaire. I know many people say that, but this blog will be my proof. I’m taking you along for the ride. If that sounds like something you’re into, welcome and keep reading.

Who the hell is this guy?

I’m not special. And if you are reading this, I’m probably just like you. I am someone who was raised on the idea that the end goal is to get a good job after getting a good degree (or two in my case, I chugged that Kool-aid real hard and got a Master’s too) and make good money while living frugally and saving, so after 40 years you can like, I don’t know, tour Europe or something. It sounds fine and when you think that is all there is to life, and that is a fine way to make a living and be a productive member of society, but it does sound a bit boring.

That doesnt seem like an issue, but when you look back at all, you realize that all the nights you spent up till 3 to ship a feature (I’m a Software Engineer) or the weekends you miss family stuff, because you are stuck on a release, or the extra projects you take on, none of that really matter help you or your family. We all work to provide for those we love, but you can phone it in or work your ass off and your salary is still the same. Sure you can get bonuses or raises, but incremental raises and bonuses do not a fortune make. If you and someone else have the same job, same title, but you do 10x the work, you do not see 10x the upside. That works great if you are the guy from r/overemployed holding down 7 jobs and barely skating by in each, doing just enough to not get fired, but it really sucks when you are known as the ‘ride or die guy’ who gets shit done and puts the mission first.

So after all the hard work, when I picked up my head and realized 5 years had gone by in a flash of late nights, deadlines, and deliverables, I realized, I don’t want the same for the next 5. I’m writing this on my 27th birthday because I don’t want to have this feeling on my 32nd.

No, for real, who the hell are you?

I’ll probably go by “Reckless” or something here, because anonymity on the internet seems like a desirable thing. I am 27 years old (There is something poetic about starting on my birthday, so I sandbagged a bit and started on my literal birthday) I am a software engineer working for a large company. (No I won’t say which, it really doesnt matter anyway) I studied Computer Science and Software Engineering in University. I live in the United States and am very proud of that. I am not married, but I do have a long term girlfriend. I don’t have kids but want them some day. I don’t have a ton of hobbies but I like programming and dont get to do it as much in my current job so I tinker outside of work because I like to build shit.

Uhhhh… I don’t really know what else to say here other than it really doesnt matter who I am. I’m not writing this for me. I’m writing this for you. If anything that I say here resonates with you. If you see even a hint of yourself in me, then you should recognize that I am not anyone special or unique. I am no less scared of starting my own thing than you are.

Why are you doing this?

I love creators who have already made it and try to share their wisdom/knowledge, but I cant relate to the dude flying private as hes telling me that he is just like me. That is definitely one issue with creators currently out there, but the other is everyone these days just wants to sell you a course or something, and honestly, rightfully so. An actual expert should be compensated for their time and expertise. The issue there is, when everyone is selling something, how do you know who are the Tai Lopez’s of the group who just rent a Ferraris and mansions for clout, and make a BS course to try to make a quick buck, Vs who are the the legit folks who did the work and want to share what they think for the right reasons? I don’t know. And I don’t want to guess. With me, there will be no guessing. I want you to know where I am and who I am before I blow up. I want there to be no question of how, when, or why I worked my ass off to get where I am. I want to do my thing and inspire you to do your thing. If I can do it, so can you.

Are you an expert/guru?

Fuck no. Don’t take my advice. I may sell a course or something later if there is something I legitimately think adds value for people (and I think its a fascinating idea to make a course, I wanna try it… you know just to say I did it) but I dont know shit. I’m a guy who watches a lot of YouTube videos on things from people who (hopefully) actually know what they are talking about so I can and will have a conversation on stuff, but I don’t have a secret. And I certainly don’t have some get rich quick trick. Honestly, anyone who claims they do is trying to just make a quick sale. Their get rich quick scheme is to sell people the idea that get rich quick schemes exist.

What is your plan?

My plan is to work really hard as a Solo-preneur and not stop. The game only ends when you stop playing. My current goal is to make 1 million dollars USD in a single year. I want to see 7 digits on my tax return, just because I think that would be dope. The logic behind this is if I wanted to be a millionaire in just liquid net worth, I can just save over many years and while that is also awesome, its a lot less fun to watch. Seriously would anyone read just like yearly updates on my 401k balance? I highly doubt it.

I currently have a day job (salary from day job will not be part of the million goal) I intend to keep that day job until my side hustle extra curriculars can make as much as my day job’s salary for 6 consecutive months. That is the deal I made for myself so I can still provide for my family. I actually like my day job though, so I may keep it after even that. What side hustle’s will I work on? Probably something tech-y. I am a software engineer so I can code and stuff, but I’m really looking at web design, affiliate marketing, SaaS, SEO, and copy writing as relatively well travelled waters that I can try out and work through to scale. You can actually learn all of these online and use use no code tools where needed to do them all too, so that should make it pretty accessible to you as the reader. People online say its possible, so lets put that to the test. Actually, that is part of this goal for me, even if the first thing I try works amazingly, I will test out other stuff too because that will make this more interesting to follow and also that seems like fun.

Where are you now?

I have a business entity and I have a website for it. My original plan was to start a digital marketing agency but that hasn’t gone great. I have neglected the business quite a bit. I had a logo made and bought cards, etc. but have only had a single customer/ single transaction. I have had the business entity for roughly 6 months now and I have managed to make a whopping $156.30 through writing a small API connector program for a family friend with an E-Commerce store. (It was probably worth more, but they got a heavy friends and family discount.) Its kinda sad to think about it, but oh well. Hopefully this blog and making my failure public motivates me to get off my ass and get to work. I did buy some sites on flippa (two to be exact) and I will do some deep dives on those as I get started working on them more. I intend to be relatively transparent with my finances as far as the side hustles are concerned, but I am essentially considering this moment as starting at $0.

How is this blog going to work?

I want to document what I am doing and my rationale as well as current status on the goal. I’m going to shoot for weekly updates/posts, but maybe later it will be more if I get into it or less if I get busy. No promises. This blog will basically be my chance to be candid and share what I am thinking/feeling/where I am in building my business/side hustles up. Essentially this is my public business oriented diary which just happens to contain the word ‘fuck’ a lot.

Hopefully, out of this blog, you the reader, gets something at least mildly interesting to read. My ultimate goal for you, is you have at least one moment where you think “Wow, this guy is an idiot, if he can do it, so can I” and that motivates you to go do something.

For me, I want a place to document this for self-reflection and analysis (kinda like therapy, but I’m too cheap to pay for therapy). I also want to leave this record for my kids. I want them to know what I was like before I made crazy money. That way, even if I’m gone, this lives on as my guide to them. I for sure wont be leaving them money (I dont want them to get soft) so this will help them learn how to go make their own.

Final thoughts

I know that this is a dumb idea. I know that is blog post sucks (Its my first, so I am sure its terrible). I know that maybe no one is reading this and I am just yelling into the void. But I’m okay with all of that. If even one person reads this and gets even a hint of a positive benefit, it will have served its purpose. Let’s get to work.






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